3 Tips for Parents to Help Teens Battle Testing Fatigue

5gbState-mandated tests, Advanced Placement exams, ACT tests and final exams: All of these are on the schedule for students at Lafayette High School.

“Starting at the end of March and then going into the end of the school year, it’s exam time,” says Shari Sevier, a counselor ​at the school in Wildwood, Missouri.​​ ​

Lafayette High’s students aren’t unique. State-mandated testing is well underway in several states, just the beginning of spring testing season for many high schoolers.

“It is a time of year when kids are feeling stressed,” says Sevier, who is also the board chair ​of the American School Counselor Association. Teens are preparing for the end of the year – when final grades are determined – and they are thinking about what those marks will mean to them, she says.​

This time of year can leave teens physically exhausted sometimes, too.

Julie Rains, mom to Hank, 17, a senior at Reagan High School in Pfafftown​, North Carolina, says her son is preparing to take several AP exams later this year while he

Maximize Graduate School With a Dual Degree

t9It’s possible to get two full graduate degrees or a joint degree in two graduate areas without doubling the cost of graduate school. There are a variety of time periods, paths, and reasons to study in more than one discipline, which can vary widely based on the schools attended and types of programs offered. Many multiple-degree options fall into one of three broad categories.

1. Dual degrees: Dual degree programs show both degrees on a student’s diploma. The program is formally organized by the university and may involve a great deal of overlap to minimize time spent and cost, says Julia Kent, director of global communications and best practices for the Council of Graduate Schools.

Many Ph.D. students get a dual degree, she says. For instance, Johns Hopkins University offers a program that leads to a student being both a medical doctor and a Ph.D.

University of Missouri student Paul Schwinn transitioned from a traditional law school program to a dual degree in law and business, a JD/MBA, midway through his studies. “After a year

How Teachers Parents Can Help Sleepy Teens Stay Awake at School

9jhbA full night’s sleep is a luxury for many teens.

Two out of three high school students sleep less than eight hours each night, even though they need between 8.5 and 9.5 hours, says Dr. Judith Owens, director of sleep medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Insufficient sleep has been linked to a myriad of health issues, such as depression and obesity, and lower levels of academic achievement, Owens says.​

Most high schools start before 8:30 a.m., making it hard for many teens – who generally have a hard time falling asleep naturally before 11 p.m., Owens says – to get enough shut-eye​.

​While two large school districts​ recently made changes to their ​high school start times – Fairfax County in Virginia and Montgomery County in Maryland –​ it might not be possible for some districts.

[Find out why later high school start times can be a challenge for districts.]

Nothing replaces a good night’s​ rest, but teachers and parents can help their high schoolers stay awake during the school day with the following recommendations.

1. Advocate for later high school start times: When teens hit puberty, often in middle school, ​there is a shift in their circadian

Management Essentials in a Changing Business World

While many observers of the corporate world might say that the global economy has reached new heights of knowledge on the subject of management, there are some who say there is more to be learned, even more than human beings have picked up in the last 100 years. They state, in fact, that the science of management is still in its infancy.

There will always be a difference of opinion in this area, but there has been some significant progress since the time that the business world began to see management as a new and separate field of activity. People have used both art and science in pursuit of efficiency, with some amazing results. One of the key figures in the birth of this field of study was Peter Drucker, who contributed quite a bit to a working plan for human resources, research, manufacturing processes and more.

Fundamental Management

Simply recognising that there is a field of management was necessary before individuals and corporations could begin to work with it and improve it. More than 100 years ago, people began to study this concept closely and likened the industrial process to a machine that could

How to Select a Strong Magnet?

Strong magnets are permanent magnets, which are almost unfeasible to demagnetize. Their magnetic field strength differs on the basis of their composition. First let’s consider the characteristics of a magnet.

Characteristics of magnet

  • Hc – coercive strength of magnetic field is the point, where magnet can get demagnetized by another magnet
  • Br – Maximum magnetic flux density a magnet can produce
  • Bmax – Overall energy density generated
  • Tcoef – Temperature coefficient describes how magnetic flux reduces with rise in magnet’s temperature
  • Tmax – Highest temperature magnet can be operated, without losing its field strength

The four types of magnets are –

  1. Neodymium iron boron or NIB
  2. Samarium cobalt or SmCo
  3. Aluminum nickel cobalt or Alnico
  4. Ferrite and ceramic magnets

Out of these four types NIB and SmCo are strongest. NIB has highest Br 12,800 gauss, Hc 12,300 oersted, Bmax 40, Tcoef is -0.12, and Tmax is 310°C. On the other hand, SmCo has Br at 10,500 gauss, Hc 9,200 oersted, Bmax 26, Tcoef is 0.04, and Tmax is 750°C.

Neodymium is a strong kind of permanent magnet widely applied in numerous contemporary products.

What is a neodymium magnet?

Pure Neodymium (Nd) is rare earth element, which is positioned as element number 60 on the periodic table. Nd is prone to react with air and oxidize

What exactly is Preschool Science?

P 4There are various curriculums followed by different schools at the preschool level, but when it comes to learning science, we can see there is no such set patterns followed. Many of the times, the preschool teachers handle all the subjects on their own and science also comes as one among these.

The lack of teaching specialization for science at preschool level is a real damage as far as the educational system is concerned. In fact, preschool is an ideal period of kids to learn the basics of science and to develop an interest in it. This is the time when their curiosity about things reaches its peak and if they can find satisfactory answers to all these, they will surely start admiring it.

Learning science at preschool

The goal is to make science exciting for kids and contribute well to their understanding of how the world around them works. Provided the in-born curiosity and unrelenting energy of children towards learning new things, we need to create an apt environment. This should be carefully arranged for

Working Environment Of A Reliable Medical Assistant

Recent statistics show that medical assistants are now holding nearly 592,000 jobs, as marked in the year 2014. The latest calculation also states that offices of physicians are known for availing help from these experts the most, and provide promising medical assistant salary for their work.

What are the areas where medical assistants work?

If you compare within 100%, 59% of physicians are known for appointing medical assistants to work for them. they are known for serving any kind of administrative and clinical works. Later, state, local and private run hospitals take help of these experts, for work, followed by outpatient care centers.

What is the basic work schedule?

Most of the medical assistants are known for working as a full time employee.  Their working timing varies along with the salary they are paid. For example, some prefers to work in the normal morning hours, where else; others are asked to work during evening time. You will find other weekend packages, too.

How do they cover shifts?

Medical assistants are trained separately in covering various medical shifts. They are known for performing some additional tasks, apart from the basic administrative and clinical genres. Some employees work together to make changes in shift hours, for offering

CCNA Training in Hyderabad

CCNA has developed to wind up the most famous IT confirmations on the technology planet. . The affirmation fundamental center lies on creating significant part based modules to coordinate the quick arrangement of innovations in the current complex systems administration environment. Golars Networks is the best CCNA Training in Hyderabad. Organizations whether enormous or little are putting resources into new devices including framework to guarantee they stay aware of the pace.

As the modern system process increments, there will likewise be have to expand the level of abilities, for example, security, voice and remote. A CCNA training in Hyderabad accreditation would imply that you will have the ability to expand on the center systems administration aptitudes because of the exceptionally specific fixation ways to springboard your vocation in both present and creating advances. This confirmation will advantage the worker and in addition the business on account of the profitable procedure gave by the accessible modules in systems administration framework.

Taking into account various industry reports and feedback, the CCNA certification stays a standout amongst the most looked for after affirmations in the area of technology. Exceedingly esteemed by both system experts and the organizations that contract them. As indicated by expert training

Now You Can Get High School Diplomas Online

Now getting a fake diploma or transcript from university or college of your choice has become much easier. Yes, now you can easily get the most authentic looking, replica-quality College or university fake diplomas, certificates and degrees online in just a couple of bucks. There are a lot of students who did not obtain the grades in their college that they would have, if they would have worked hard to the best of their abilities. But this is past and no one can change. That is why; there are a lot of companies that are involved in making fake diplomas for them, so that, they don’t have to struggle in the future to find a good career. If you are capable enough to work, then a fake diploma with good grades can do wonders for you.

In today’s business world, the demand for a high school diploma is drastically increasing. Most of the employers and companies prefer to hire professionals/employees who have a degree or diploma. High school diploma is considered as the qualification for a bachelor’s degree and for securing coveted jobs.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, a lot of students are looking for high school diploma.

Oak Heights School Producing Excellent Work

Exam season will be coming to an end next week, where all candidates including external candidates will have finally finished all their exams. As well as an independent school, Oak Heights is also an official exam centre, where students will be able to take most national examination including GCSE and A-level (GCE). Oak Heights gives the opportunity for students to achieve the grades they deserve, by giving external candidates the chance to re-sit their exams. These students often regret not revising and achieving the grades first time. That’s why here at Oak Heights indaependent School we teach our students the importance of these exams and how it will affect them for the rest of their lives. We encourage and advise our students to focus on all their examinations equally and not to neglect any subject.

Over the past years, over 80% of the students at oak heights achieved at least grades A*-C in subjects including English and Mathematics. It is no wonder why parents have recommended us! Oak Heights is a small & safe independent School which is situated in the heart of Hounslow;it is close to public transport and has parking spaces for parents to drop off their children. Oak

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Industrial training is an initial stage for your professional graduation course, it enables you to pick out an ideal career prospect. This training provides you many more knowledge, conventional and technical experience in your distinguished field. This preparing describes each & every factors associated to your stream and helps to select an absolute path for your future. It is structured for a number of programs for engineering students who are considering for taking their professional degree. Industrial getting ready is a process in which you learn entire grasp related to your IT pasture and something new about the recent technologies.

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